How Domestic Industries Ensure Nonstop Windshield Wiper Spoiler Manufacturing

In collaboration with our partners, we explain:

a. How the current market looks like
b. What most manufacturers do
c. What you can do to increase quality
d. What an integrated supply chain can provide

For quality and cost-efficiency, we propose 5 factors.
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4 Requirements for Food-Safe PVC Extrusion Material and Processing (Updated March 2016)

Do you need to make sure that toxic compounds and bacteria don't find their way into food?

In our free whitepaper you can learn more about:

1. Managing the recipe, pressure & heat
2. Formulations according to food processing regulations
3. How to guarantee all functional properties

This is compulsive to Western food processors!

3 Innovative Materials for Refrigerator Producers that will more than Double your Profits

How does the refrigerator market look like? And more particularly, how is it innovated? 

In this free whitepaper you can learn more about:

1. Current Innovation Trend
2. Innovative Materials
3. Important Factors to be Considered 

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3 Important Factors to Improve Sealing-Quality of Frameless Shower Doors

Find out how to maximize the sealing-quality of plastic panels for shower doors.

1. Resistance to Soap and Detergents
2. Fungus Resistance
3. Consistent Quality within Small Tolerances & Enduring Elasticity

Important read if you want to avoid sanitary damage!