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/01 Whitepaper Home Appliance

Innovative Profiles for household appliances of the future

  • Trends and developments in household appliances
  • Solutions for reducing loss of cooling energy
  • High-quality materials as the foundation for high-quality appliances
  • Noise reduction, durability and aesthetics
  • All about co-extrusion, tri-extrusion and quatro-extrusion

Consumer expectations for household appliances keep increasing. We’ve stopped focusing exclusively on pricing long ago. Sustainability, performance and aesthetics are becoming increasingly important. That goes beyond what is immediately visible. Because the parts that are invisible to the consumer are precisely what make the difference.

What do we consider important for the refrigerators, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners of the near future?

These parts differentiate a noisy vacuum cleaner that leaves crumbs behind from a quiet vacuum cleaner offering high suction power and low energy consumption. It’s the difference between a freezer that keeps switching on and one that keeps the temperature at a constant level.

The difference between a basic fridge and an attractive luxury model which also happens to be sustainably produced.

In this whitepaper, you can read more about innovations and emerging trends for the home appliances of tomorrow.

Read all about extrusion intelligence

Innovative profiles for
household appliances